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I’m Niki. By day, I’m an estate planning attorney. I’m also a mother hustler and a fibro warrior.

It wasn’t always possible for me to express all of those roles – mother, lawyer, entrepreneur, and Fibromyalgia dealer-wither – all in the same sentence and truly mean it. Being a working mother is deemed enough of an oxymoron by our society – try adding a painful, exhausting, and often-times debilitating chronic illness to the mix. At various stages of my life, I’ve found myself filling just one of these roles and letting the others fall through the cracks. And in the past few years, Fibro has mostly won out.

In the past few months, due in large part to some amazing treatment I received at the Mayo Clinic and a LOT of tough personal growth, I’ve finally started to put Fibro in its place. It’s part of my life, but just a part. I’m happier, more present with my family, and I’ve found a drive for more in life that I thought was long gone. I’m here to help you find yours.

As much as I love the hustle, though, I have to do things a little differently than your average 30-something hustler in good health. I have to moderate a little more. Self-care is not optional. Running myself to the ground will never be a good idea. So this community is for other women who, like me, deal with “chronic” – whether that’s illness, pain, conditions, disease, depression, stress, and/or anxiety – but who also want to GET. SHIT. DONE. Women who know they could do more, who want more, if only they could navigate their way out of all this muck.

But above all else, this is a getting the most out of life blog, dedicated to personal development, productivity, reaching your earning potential, and accomplishing goals – and doing it all with more joy and satisfaction. I’m no expert, but I firmly believe life is what you make of it – so why not craft something amazing? I’m taking a journey towards self-improvement, intent on getting more out of everything I put in, and I’ll share what I learn along the way.

Let’s cultivate a better life.


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